Welcome to my experiments in self sufficiency blog. With no garden my self sufficiency experiments happen on my half allotment plot. I started learning the basics of growing food, starting spring 2014. In my posts I write about the high’s and low’s, what works and what doesn’t. I also experiment with solar panels but with no roof or garden to place them in these solar experiments are a bit limited. Click here to view my self sufficiency posts.

My main experiment in self sufficiency on the allotment is the building of my south facing greenhouse / shed combo in which I hope to extend my growing season to make full use of the allotment plot. This self sufficiency experiment is still under construction. I’m also converting my allotment plot to the deep bed method of growing ready for 2015.

My budget for this build is limited so I try to use items wombled on Freecycle and Freegle when possible. To help fund this self sufficiency project I’ve started blogging about it.

Finally please consider a donation to my Virgin Money Giving page to raise funds for bowel cancer research. Bowel cancer took my mothers live in the 80’s.  Here’s my UK bowel cancer research  blog post.

bowel cancer research