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  • Comment on Georgia Davis & fat loss on NHS (July 4th, 2009 at 10:39)

    thank you, this one help me alot.

  • arry
    Comment on Georgia Davis & fat loss on NHS (September 18th, 2009 at 18:57)

    That she’s a GREEDY pig for stuffing her face all these years and then having a nerve to beg the NHS for MORE money to go back to fat camp. How dare she do this! And, she’s always using her father as an excuse for her eating habits. I am sorry that she lost her father, but it has been eleven to twelve years and I have a hard time believing that after all these years she’s STILL comfort eating because of that. Also, her mother’s excuse for letting her get so morbidy fat is because “she didn’t have enough money for healthy food”. That is a total LIE! Carrots and vegetables cost less than a chocolate bar. And then both this over-indulgent freak and her idiotic mother are blaming everyone but themselves. Georgia is 16 years old, which is old enough to think for herself. I was overweight (but not nearly as bad as Georgia.) as a little girl. When I turned eleven years old, I realized I was fat and wanted to go on a diet. I did and I lost a few pounds all by myself. And it didn’t take one single doctor, my family, friends, aquaintances or the media to tell me that I needed to lose weight, like Georgia. I already KNEW. If an 11-year-old can realize her weight issues, then a dang 16-year-old can too! It really annoys me how NHS money is wasted on people like this. How can it be just? That NHS spends loads of money on EXTREMELY expensive treatment for the disgusting and sloppy to go to camp when there are other people starving in various places of the world, or are denied basic health care. They need to take her to a place like Africa, or Haiti, or Iraq. Heck, all the food she feeds her face with daily for a week is enough to feed people in other countries for 10 years!
    This whole thing is sick, sick SICK!

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