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  • Neil McIntyre
    Comment on Talking to Alzheimers and Dementia Patients (November 10th, 2010 at 18:57)

    Dear Sir /Madam.
    A recent Australian experiment using a ventriloquist & his puppet , proved highly successful in a conversation about pain & their feelings , quite amazing, and it is considered the first of its kind in the WORLD.
    I am a ventriloquist & understand the techniques here & can assist anyone in the future on this important matter. = Many demensia patients who had NOT been communicating, actually started communicating. There is no doubt this technique with the experienced puppeteer & methods must become a major helpful advancement offering a better way of life , for all demensia patients at Home or under care.If all this appeals to you, kindly contact me.
    Neil McIntyre = Australia
    Mobile= 0417 727 430 ( between 4 / & 6 pm = 7 days )
    Box 1962 Southport 4215 Gold Coast Q`ld Australia.

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