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  • d mcg
    Comment on The poppy burning thing (March 3rd, 2011 at 14:02)

    The problem we have in this country is far too many weak souls that seem to forget the past horrors our grandfathers and great grandfathers went through fighting for freedom. I feel pain inside me at the thought of some of the elderley who have witnessed radical muslim immigrants tying to incite hatred and are intent on trying to mock and abuse our ideals as british citizens.
    We give to everyone without the thought of receiving!
    We help the weak and vulnerable!
    We see everyone as equal!
    We try to give everyone from all walks of life an opportunity to better themselves and live a good life.
    I am British and proud and to those people burning poppies: you have no idea what the human life is for, I know what my life is for, well, i did, until i started to learn of the hatred you have for us even though we give you a life, earning good money, healthcare, benefits, houses and we give generous charity to your countries for your people who need food and medicine, while you continue to think you are fighting for your fellow muslims. I dont think your fellow muslims agree with you, im sure some are sick of you clowns depicting the islam religion to be one of hatred and violence. Ive never read the qur’an nor the bible, but im pretty sure the sons, prophets(whatever you want to call them) wouldn’t understand why you demonstrate the islamic religion as you do, i don’t think they would want you practising their religion of giving, caring and faith.
    You call us murderers and say we deserve to burn in hell, well, i will wish with all my heart you all suffer, i will think, eat, sleep and dream you all suffer, i will give all my energy and soul to fight for this country and its wonderful people, I WILL BECOME A KILLER FOR MY QUEEN AND FOR MY COUNTRY, she might not agree but im getting sick inside my heart and head with what my eyes witness. I cry at the thought of you horrible poppy burning scumbags, scaring our grandparents and everyday honest people, who want nothing but to live in harmony with one another. The EDL came about because people started to get sick of what is going on, IM NOT PART OF IT, BUT GOOD LUCK TO THEM, DEFEND US. IM SICK TO MY STOMACH TOO, I FEEL THE EVERY LITTLE BIT OF PAIN OUR ELDERLEY FEEL, OUR SOLDIERS FEEL, ANYONE WHO FEELS SCARED, AFRAID AND INTIMIDATED BY THIS DIRTY MINORITY OF PEOPLE WHO PREACH HATRED. I TRULY FEEL IT ALL, ITS HARD TO DESCIRBE, ITS LIKE I HAVE THOUSANDS OF DEAD SOULS INSIDE ME.


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